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I and II in page numbers refer to Volumes I and II of the Mueller Report.

A to D in page numbers refer to Appendices A to D of the Report.

Pagination is that of the Department of Justice release of April 18, 2019, linked here.



ABC News, II.148

Abramski v. United States (2014), II.167

Access Hollywood tape, I.58–59; II.79

An Act Declaratory of the Law Concerning Contempts of Court

(1831), II.176

Active Measures social media campaign, I.14–34

     prosecution and declination decisions, I.174–175

adoptions of Russian children, I.110; II.99, 102

Agalarov, Aras, I.67, 110–114, 120–122, 185; B.1; C.14

Agalarov, Emin, I.67–68, 110–114, 121–122, 185; B.1; C.13, 14

agent of a foreign government, I.181

Akhmetov, Rinat, I.116, 132, 135; B.1

Akhmetshin, Rinat, I.117; B.1

Al-Adahi v. Obama (D.C. Cir. 2010), II.14

Alfa-Bank, I.146–147, 163; B.11

Alptekin, Kamil Ekim, D.1

alternative channels

     Presidential Transition Team with Russian government, I.146–147, 164

     Putin with G. W. Bush, I.79

Andreyko, Dmitry, I.88 (note)

Appointments Clause of the Constitution, II.174

Arthur Andersen LLP v. United States (2005), II.10, 164 (note), 165, 166,

167 (note)

Articles of the Constitution. See under Constitution, U.S.

Asatryan, Georgi, I.66 (note)

Aslanov, Dzheykhun (Jay), B.1

Assange, Julian, B.1; C.19

     contacts Trump Jr., I.60

     interview with, I.52

     quoted, on Hillary Clinton, I.44

     use of internet, I.46, 48–49

     and Wikileaks, I.55–56

attempts and endeavours, II.11–12

attorney-client privilege, II.95, 117, 121, 122 (note), 131, 132, 154

Attorney General

     role in protecting the President, in Trump’s view, II.112–113

Aven, Petr, I.146–147, 163–166; B.1

Azerbaijan, I.124



balancing test, II.172–173

Ballentine’s Law Dictionary, II.171, 178

bank fraud

     charges of, I.174

Bannon, Stephen (Steve), B.1

     re Comey, II.33, 64, 74

     deleted phone messages, I.156

     re Flynn, II.32 (note), 46, 47

     and McGahn, II.87

     and meeting of Prince and Dmitriev, I.153–156, 158

     re Mueller, II.80–82, 88

     in Presidential Transition Team, I.169–170, 171, 172–173

     and sanctions on Russia, II.26, 32

     re Sessions, II.79–80

     re stolen Clinton emails, I.63

     in Trump administration, II.42, 50–51

     in Trump Campaign, I.141, 149

Baranov, Andrey, I.100–101; B.1

Barnhart v. Sigmon Coal Co. (2002), II.164

Barrack, Thomas, I.134

Bates v. United States (1997), II.164 (note)

Batumi, Georgia, I.70

Begay v. United States (2006), II.162

Benjaminov, Roman, I.114

Berkowitz, Avi, I.161, 163; B.1

bitcoin mining, I.36

Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly (lobbying firm), I.134

“Black Caviar” person (re Ukraine), I.138–139

“black ledger” payments, I.143

Blair, Tony, I.157

Bluman v. FEC (D.D.C. 2011), I.184, 185

Boente, Dana, II.52, 54–55, 58, 59–60, 75; B.1

Bogacheva, Anna, I.21; B.1

Bork, Robert, II.86

Bossert, Thomas (Tom), I.170; B.1

botnets, I.26–29

Bowsher v. Synar (1986), II.173

Boyarkin, Viktor, I.132, 135, 137, 142; B.2

Boyd, Charles, I.107; B.2

Boyko, Yuriy, I.138; B.2

Brand, Rachel, II.96, 107–108; B.2

Brogan v. United States (1998), II.171

Brooke Group v. Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp. (1993), I.180

Browder, William (Bill), I.112 (note), 117; B.2

Bryan v. United States (1998), I.185

Bulatov, Alexander, I.96; B.2

Burchik, Mikhail, I.16; B.2

Burck, William, B.2

Burnett, Mark, I.79

Burnham, James, II.31; B.2

Burr, Richard, II.52

Burt, Richard, I.105, 107, 163–165; B.2

Bush, George W., I.79

BuzzFeed, II.23, 28 

Bystrov, Mikhail, I.16; B.2


Calamari, Matt, B.2

campaign finance, I.183–191

     governing law, I.180, 184–185

Candidate Trump. See Trump, Donald J. (as Candidate)

Caputo, Michael, I.61; B.2

Carson, Ben, I.81–82

Center for the National Interest (CNI), I.103–110, 129, 164; B.11

     connects with Trump Campaign, I.103–105

     hosts foreign policy speech at the Mayflower Hotel, I.105–107

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), II.12, 55

Chaika, Yuri, I.110; B.2

channels. See alternative channels

Chapman v. United States (1895), II.176

Cheney v. United States District Court for the District of Columbia (2004),

accord, II.176, 180


     foreign intelligence service of, I.62

Christie, Chris, II.38–39, 47, 70, 87, 121 (note); B.2

CIA. See Central Intelligence Agency

Circa News, II.103–104

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington v. FEC (D.C. Cir

2007), I.186

Citizens United v. FEC (2010), I.184 (note)

Clapper, James, B.2

clear statement rule, II.169

Cleveland v. United States (2000), II.167

Clinton, Bill

     supposed connection to Russian government, I.109

Clinton, Hillary, II.99; C.13, 15

     disparaging remarks about, by Assange and others, I.44, 141, 183

     investigation and prosecution of, demanded by Trump, II.107, 109, 112

     opposition research against, I.61

     Russian dealings, supposedly, I.110, 113

     Wikileaks allegation about, I.60

Clinton, Hillary, emails

     deleted or missing emails, on personal server, I.49, 61–62; C.14

          Trump Campaign efforts to obtain, I.62–65

     FBI investigation over, II.63, 76

     hacked emails

          released by WikiLeaks, I.44–45; II.17–18

     Russia has “dirt” in form of, I.81–82, 86–89

          Trump Campaign learns of, I.93–94

Clinton Campaign

     Concord companies’ disparagement of, I.14

     hacking directed at, I.36–41

     Hillary’s concession, I.149

     IRA opposition to, I.23–25

     Nader contact with, I.148

     response to Trump election win, I.141

     Russia-related attacks on, I.93, 109; II.99

     WikiLeaks opposition to, I.44–45, 60

Clinton Foundation

     negative information about, I.115

Clintons, the

     negative information about, I.116 (note); C.14

Clinton v. Jones (1997), II.171, 181

Clovis, Samuel Jr., I.63–64, 82, 85, 89–92, 93, 98, 99, 101, 127; B.2

CNI. See Center for the National Interest

Coats, Dan, II.32, 55–57, 60, 82 (note); B.2

Cobb, Ty, B.2

Cobbledick v. United States (1940), II.177

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), II.50; A.1

Cohen, Michael, II.134–156; B.2; C.20; D.4


          campaign-finance violations (payments to Trump-connected

women), II.144–145, 149

          false statements and obstruction of justice, I.195–196; II.139–144

          family of, accused of crimes, II.151–152, 156

          flipping of, II.154

          guilty plea to eight felony charges, II.149

     investigation of

          authorized by Special Counsel, I.12

          FBI search of office and home of, II.145–146, 148

          joint defense agreement (JDA) in Russia Investigation, II.139–141

          by Southern District of New York, II.154, 156

     and June 9, 2016, meeting, I.110, 115

     and Russia

          adheres to “party line” distancing Candidate Trump from Russia,


          invited to travel to Russia, I.76–78; II.135, 137

          travel to Prague, claimed, II.139

          Trump Tower Moscow project, I.67, 69–80; II.19, 76–77, 134–144

     testimony of

          pleaded guilty to making false statements to Congress, II.150

          privileged communications of, II.140 (note)

          reliability of testimony of, I.53 (note); II.134 (note)

          testimony to Congress, I.195–196; II.20, 139–144, 149, 153, 155

     and Trump, II.134–156

          called a “rat” by, II.151, 154

          messages of support from, II.144–148, 154

          pardon considered for, II.147–148

          Trump’s conduct towards after Cohen began cooperating with

government, II.148–152

     and Wikileaks, I.53; II.17

Cohn, Roy, II.50–51, 110

Collazos v. United States (2d Cir. 2004), II.162


     discussion, I.2, 180–181

Comey, James B., B.2

     congressional testimony, II.52, 84

          confirms the existence of the Russia Investigation, II.52–55

          declines to say if President is under investigation, II.62–64

     denigrated by Trump

          called a “showboat” and “grandstander,” II.73

          said to be unpopular with FBI staff, II.69, 72

     as FBI director, II.27–28

          confirms the Special Counsel Investigation, I.11

          letter exonerating Hillary Clinton, II.109

          said to be unpopular with FBI staff, II.69, 72

     talks with Trump

          asked about loyalty, II.12

          asked to “Lift the Cloud” created by the Russia Investigation, II.57–60

          dinner with Trump about Flynn, II.12, 24, 32–36

          discusses Flynn with Trump (alone), II.38–41, 44–45

          memoranda of the discussions, II.34, 35, 40 (note), 41, 45

     terminated by Trump, II.12, 64–74

          decision to terminate, II.64

          DOJ role in, II.70

          events leading to, II.32, 54, 62–77

          letter prepared by Miller, II.65–69, 75

          not permitted to resign, II.67, 69

          preservation notice re (burn bag preservation), II.79–80

          pretexts for, II.77

Mueller Report Index


Computer-intrusion Conspiracy (18 U.S. Code Section 1030), I.175–179

     discussion, I.179


     as evidence of scienter, I.187

conclusive, II.172

Concord companies, I.14; B.11

     Concord Catering, I.14

     Concord Management and Consulting LLC, I.14

          prosecution and declination decisions, I.174

     funding of IRA by, I.16

conflict of interest, II.176 (note)

Congress, U.S., I.119

     power to protect congressional, grand jury, and judicial proceedings

against corrupt acts, II.176–178


     charges of, I.174

     discussion, I.2, 180–181

Constitution, U.S.

     Appointments Clause, II.174

     Article I, II.176, 178 (note)

     Article II, II.156, 159, 168, 171, 172–175, 178–180

     Article III, II.176

     Necessary and Proper Clause, II.174

     Opinions Clause, II.174


     defined, I.184

Conway, Kellyanne, I.34, 64; B.3

coordination, potential, I.2, 180–181

     foreign agent statutes, I.181–183

          governing law, I.181–182

     not established, I.66, 127, 131

Corallo, Mark, II.99, 103–104, 107; B.3

corruptly, II.10, 161, 166, 170, 175, 178

Corsi, Jerome, I.54–55; II.128; B.3

Costello, Robert, II.146–147; B.3

Costello v. United States (1956), II.177


     protection of, II.176–177

Cox, Ed, I.97

Craig, Gregory, D.4

credibility judgments, II.13–14

Credico, Randolph (Randy), B.3

crime, underlying

     cover-up of, II.157

Crimea, II.19

     Russia’s annexation of, I.161

criminal intent

     often inferred from circumstantial evidence, II.13

Crocus City, Moscow, I.68

Crocus Group (Crocus International), I.67–68; B.11

     and Trump Tower Moscow project, I.67–68, 110

Cuba, I.142



Daniels, Stormy

     payment of $130,000 to, II.144–145

Davis, Lanny, II.148 (note)

Davis, Richard (Rick) Jr., I.131; B.3

DCCC. See Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

DCLeaks, I.41–42; B.11

     contact with WikiLeaks, I.45

Dearborn, Rick, I.105, 126; II.93; B.3

defrauding the United States

     charges of, I.174

     decision not to charge under, I.181

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), B.11

     GRU intrusion into networks of, I.38–41

     theft of documents from networks of, I.40–41; II.17

Democratic National Committee (DNC), I.37; B.11

     hacking of data from, I.49–50; C.17

          documents, I.40–41

          emails, I.46; II.18

     networks, I.38, 42

          GRU intrusion into, I.38–41

          theft of documents from, I.40–41

     opposition research performed by, stolen by GRU, I.43

Democratic National Convention (2016), I.46

Democratic Party

     GRU operations targeting, I.49

     Russia investigation as excuse for losing 2016 election, II.73–74

Dempsey, Michael, II.55; B.3

Denman, Diana, I.125; B.3

Dennis v. United States (1966), I.181

Denysyk, Bo, I.94–95

Department of Homeland Security, I.50

Department of Justice (DOJ), II.33, 47, 79–80

     investigations by, II.179 (note)

     officials notify White House of their concerns about Flynn, II.30, 31–32

     role in Comey firing, II.70

Department of State, I.144

Deripaska, Oleg, I.142; B.3; C.22

     and Manafort, I.129, 131–132, 135–137, 141

Dershowitz, Alan, II.109

Dhillon, Uttam, II.66–69; B.3

Digital Realty Trust, Inc. v. Somers (2018), II.161

Director of National Intelligence, II.12

Dmitriev, Kirill, I.147–159; B.3

     attempt to contact Trump Campaign, I.148

     contact with Gerson regarding U.S.–Russia relations, I.156–159

     meets Prince in the Seychelles, I.151–156

     outreach to the incoming administration, I.147–159

DMP International LLC (DMI), I.131, 133

DNC. See Democratic National Committee


     theft of

          from DNC and DCCC networks, I.40–41

Donaldson, Annie, II.52, 53–54, 68, 86–87; B.3, I.66 (note)

Donbas, Autonomous Republic of, I.144

Donbas region of Ukraine, I.139 (note)

Donetsk People’s Republic, I.139 (note)

Dowling v. United States (1985), I.176 (note)

Duma, Mira, I.78–79

Duma (Russian parliament), I.87; B.11

Dunn v. United States (1979), I.192

Dvorkovich, Arkady, I.100, 101; B.3

     contact with Page, I.166–167

Dvoskin, Evgeney, I.76; B.3


East West Institute, I.80

Edmond v. United States (1997), II.175

Egypt, I.167–168

Eisenberg, John, II.31, 32, 36, 43, 48; B.3

election-related software and hardware firms

     hacking of, I.50

elections, U.S.

     of 2016, I.64, 148; II.73

     future, meddling in, II.91

     targeting of

          by GRU, I.50

          by IRA, I.19–35

     See also Russian interference in U.S. election

Encino Motorcars, LLC v. Navarro (2018), II.164


     list of, B.11

Erchova, Lana (a/k/a Lana Alexander), I.72–73; B.3

Ermarth, Fritz, I.109

Espionage Act, II.32

evidence, II.12–14

exclusive, II.172–173

Executive Order 13757, I.168


Fabrizio, Anthony (Tony), I.136, 144; B.4


     advertisements on, I.25

     groups and followers, I.26–27

     IRA’s use of, I.14, 19, 22, 24–26, 31

     Russian use of, I.83

faithfully, II.168, 177

false statements, I.191–199

     charges of, I.180, 196

     governing law (Section 1001), I.191–192

“Fancy Bear,” I.42

FARA. See Foreign Agents Registration Act

Farage, Nigel, I.55

FBI. See Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

     Counterintelligence Division, I.13

     Director of, can be fired, II.74, 175


          into election interference, I.50

          into Russian meddling, I.165; II.27–28, 52

          into Sessions’ testimony to Congress, I.12

     morale in, II.69, 72, 76

     supervision of attorneys from, I.13

Federal Election Commission (FEC), I.186

Federalist Papers, II.171

Fifth Amendment, II.13, 177

First Amendment, I.190

FISC. See Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court

Fishbein, Jason, I.59; B.4


     Trump’s view of, II.127, 128

floor statements, II.164

Florida, I.31, 51

Flynn, Michael G. (a/k/a Michael Flynn Jr.), I.28; B.4

Flynn, Michael T., B.4; D.1


          false statements and obstruction of justice, I.194–195; II.29–30, 44–


          joint defense agreement with President, II.121–122

          pardon, asked re, II.122

     and Clinton emails, I.62, 63–64


          authorized by Special Counsel, I.12

          cooperation with Special Counsel Office, II.121

          DOJ concerns, II.31–32

          FBI investigation, II.26, 30, 51, 75, 89

     and Kislyak

          communications with Kislyak, I.167, 168, 194; II.24–26, 29–30, 36,

42–44, 46

          discusses sanctions on Russia, II.24–26

          meets with Kislyak in Trump Tower, I.159–161

     as National Security Advisor, I.142; II.24–26

          resignation, II.36–38

     on reconciliation with Russia, I.157

     response to IRA tweets, I.34

     and Russia, ties, II.16

     Russian leverage over, potentially, II.30

     in transition period, I.167–173

     and Trump

          Trump discusses with FBI director Comey, II.34, 38–41, 44–45

          Trump’s conduct towards, II.41–42, 49, 120–122

          Trump’s positive comments about, II.47, 120–122

          Trump’s reaction to investigation of, II.24–28, 32

     and Turkey, ties, I.183

Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), I.182–183

foreign agent statutes, I.181–183

foreign intelligence, I.13, 62

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), I.183 (note)

foreign nationals

     defined, I.184

     prohibited from aiding political campaigns, I.184

Foresman, Robert (Bob), I.79–80, 159–160, 162; B.4

Fowler v. United States (2011), II.168

Fox News, II.70, 152

Franklin v. Massachusetts (1992), II.169, 170

Free Enterprise Fund v. Public Company Accounting Oversight Board

(2010), II.168, 174, 175

FSB. See Russian Federal Security Service

Futerfas, Alan, I.121; B.4


G20 summit, II.101

Garten, Alan, I.121; B.4

Gates, Richard III (Rick), B.4; D.2

     indicted on multiple felony counts, II.122

     investigation of

          authorized by Special Counsel, I.12

     and June 9, 2016, meeting, I.115

     re legitimacy of Trump’s election win, II.23

     and Manafort, I.129

     on Trump Campaign, I.109, 134, 135–137, 138

     and Ukraine, ties, I.182

     and Wikileaks, I.52, 54; II.18

Gazprom, I.96; B.11

GEC. See Global Energy Capital, LLC

Gerson, Richard (Rick), I.147; B.4

     contact with Dmitriev regarding U.S.–Russia relations, I.156–159

Gistaro, Edward, II.55–56, 82 (note); B.4

Giuliani, Rudolph, II.124–128, 146–147, 152

Glassner, Michael, I.82; B.4

Global Development Group, I.70

Global Energy Capital, LLC, I.96; B.11

Global Partners in Diplomacy, B.11

     conference, I.123

Goldberg, Jay, II.110

Goldstone, Robert, I.67, 110–111, 113–115, 117, 119–122, 185; B.4; C.13,


Gooch v. United States (1936), II.162

Gordon, Jeffrey (J.D.), I.86, 99, 104–105, 123–124, 127; B.4

     avoids contact with Kislyak, II.20

     encounters Kislyak at RNC, I.123–124

     visits Kislyak after RNC, I.127

Gorkov, Sergey, I.161; B.4

     meets with Kushner, I.161–163

Graff, Rhona, I.76, 78–80, 113, 120; II.135; B.4; C.22

grand juries

     convened by Special Counsel, II.112, 119

     protection against corrupt acts from any source, II.176–178

Grand Jury, redaction, I.194

Grand Jury Investigation, In re, II.175

Greece, I.93

Greenberg, Henry. See Oknyansky, Henry

Greenblatt, Jason, I.90 (note)

GRU, B.12

     (Russian Federation’s Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff)

     cyber operations, I.49

     hacking by, I.36–41

     targeting of U.S. election, I.50

     transfer of stolen materials to WikiLeaks, I.45–48

     units of, I.36–42, 49

Guccifer 2.0, I.42–44, 176; B.12

     contact with Wikileaks, I.45



hacking, Russian, I.36–65

     access into DCCC and DNC networks, I.38

     dissemination of materials, I.41–49

          to Trump Campaign, I.51–65

          to WikiLeaks, I.45–48; II.17–18

     prosecution and declination decisions, I.175–180

Hammerschmidt v. United States (1924), I.181

Hannity, Sean, I.28; II.99, 141

Harm to Ongoing Matter (HOM)

     redactions, I.51, 54, 176–179, 188–190, 196–197; II.120, 128–130; B.5

Hawker, Jonathan, I.133–134; B.5

Heckler v. Chaney (1985), II.174

Heilbrunn, Jacob, I.107; B.5

Hicks, Hope, I.66 (note), 115, 145; II.21, 23, 32 (note), 47, 59, 71, 79, 94,

100–103, 105, 106, 108, 114–115, 121 (note); B.5

Holder, Eric, II.51, 61, 110, 112

Holt, Lester, II.73, 74; B.5

HOM. See Harm to Ongoing Matter

Homeland Security. See Department of Homeland Security

House of Representatives

     Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), I.195; II.28, 52–

53, 139, 144

HPSCI. See House of Representatives: Permanent Select Committee on


HRC. See Clinton, Hillary (Rodham)

Humphrey’s Executor v. United States (1935), II.174

Hunt, Jody, II.45, 63, 66–68, 78, 79, 94


I.C. Expert Investment Company, I.69–70; B.12

     and Trump Tower Moscow project, I.69–70

identity theft

     charges of, I.174

Illinois, I.50

Imbler v. Pachtman (1976), II.179 (note)


     of President, II.179–180

     of prosecutors, II.179 (note)


     not a substitute for criminal liability of a President, II.178 (note)



     valuing of, in campaign finance prosecutions, I.186, 188


     IRA’s use of, I.15, 22, 31

Intelligence Community

     asked to state President has “no connection to Russia,” II.55–57

     assessment of Russian interference in election, II.22, 27–28

International Republican Institute (IRI), I.133

Internet Research Agency (IRA), B.12; D.2

     funding and oversight of, I.16–19

     political rallies organized by, I.29–31, 35

     prosecution and declination decisions, I.174

     social media accounts controlled by, I.22–29

     structure of, I.15–19, 22

     Trump Campaign interactions and contacts with, I.33–35

     U.S. operations of, I.19–31

          elections targeted by, I.19–35


     considerations, II.12–14

     President’s power to influence, II.157–158

     Trump’s failure to limit, because some persons declined to carry out his

orders, II.158

Investigative Technique (IT), I.37, 39, 45, 47, 50, 149

IRA. See Internet Research Agency


     foreign intelligence service of, I.62


     no evidence of foreign agents acting for, I.183

     U.N. vote on settlements, I.167–168, 195

IT. See Investigative Technique

Ivanov, Igor, I.88; B.5

Ivanov, Sergei, I.74; B.5


Johnson, Samuel

     A Dictionary of the English Language, II.177

Johnson v. United States (2015), II.162 (note)

judicial proceedings

     protection against corrupt acts, II.176–178

June 9, 2016, meeting at Trump Tower, I.98–123, 185–188; II.98–107; C.13

     arranging of

          arrangements for the meeting, I.110–117

          emails about, II.98–107

          purpose of, disputed, I.119; II.12

     charges, possible

          campaign finance considerations, I.185–188

          conduct could be seen as criminal, II.157

          conspiracy charge, considered and rejected, I.185–186

          laws pertinent to, I.180

     conduct of the meeting, I.117–120

          attendees, I.117

     knowledge of

          awareness of the meeting, in the Trump Campaign, I.114–116

          learning about in June 2017, II.99

          media inquiries about, II.101, 103–105

          public awareness of, I.121

          statements afterward about the meeting, I.122; II.102, 105

          suppression of emails about, II.98–107

          Trump didn’t know about, claim, II.115–116, 148

          Trump tells Communications staff not to disclose information about,


     later events, I.120–123


     influencing a, an obstructive act, II.131–132, 133

Justice. See Department of Justice

Justice Manual, I.174


Kasowitz, Marc, B.5

Katsyv, Denis, I.112, 119; B.5

Katsyv, Peter, I.112; B.5

Kaveladze, IrakJi “Ike,” I.67, 114, 116–117, 120–121; B.5

Kaverzina, Irina, B.5

Kazakhstan, I.124

Kelly, John, II.114 (note), 116–117; B.5

Kennedy, John, II.51

Kennedy, Robert, II.51, 61, 112

Khalilzad, Zalmay, I.107–108; B.5

Kilimnik, Konstantin, B.5; D.2

     and Manafort, I.129–144, 166

     ties to Russian intelligence (called a “spy”), I.133–134

Kislyak, Sergey, B.5

     contacts with CNI, I.106–107

     encounters with, after RNC 2016, I.127–129

     Flynn’s communications with, I.167, 168, 194; II.24–26, 29–30, 36, 46

     influence with Russian government, slight, I.167

     meets with Kushner and Flynn in Trump Tower following the election,


     meets with Sessions, I.103, 106–108, 123–124, 127–129, 197–198;


     meets with Trump in Oval Office, II.71

     and Putin message to Trump, I.145

     at RNC 2016, I.102, 123–124

          encounters Gordon, I.123–124

          encounters Sessions, I.123–124; II.48

     Trump Campaign’s avoidance of, II.20

Kissinger, Henry, I.104

Klein, David, I.90 (note)

Klimentov, Denis, I.99–100; B.5

Klimentov, Dmitri, I.99–100; B.6

Klokov, Dmitry, I.72–74; B.6

KLS Research LLC, I.63–65; B.12

knowing and willful, I.185

Kobyakov, Anton, I.79–80; B.6

Kolesnikov, Boris, I.135

Kostin, Andrey, I.76

Krasilnikov, Alexey, I.88 (note)

Kremlin, B.12

Krickovic, Andrej, I.99, 166; B.6

Krylova, Aleksandra, I.21; B.6

Kushner, Jared, B.6; C.13, 14

     re Comey, II.39–40, 45, 64

     contacts with Simes and CNI, I.103–110

     Dmitriev wants to meet, I.150, 157, 158

     re Flynn, II.121 (note)

     and June 9, 2016, meeting, I.110, 114–119, 188; II.99, 100–101

     meets with Gorkov, I.161–163

     meets with Kislyak in Trump Tower following election, I.159–161

     and Putin message to Trump, I.145

     on Transition Team, I.168

     in Trump Campaign, I.109, 141

     re Trump Tower Moscow project, II.144

Kushner Companies, I.118

     666 Fifth Avenue, I.162

     debt of, I.162

Kuznetsov, Sergey, I.145, 161; B.6


Landrum, Pete, I.128–129; B.6

Lavrov, Sergey, I.172; B.6

     meeting with Trump, II.71

laws faithfully executed, II.168, 177

Lazar, Berel, I.90 (note)

LCILP. See London Centre of International Law Practice

leaks, II.95, 100

Ledeen, Barbara, I.62–64; B.6

Ledeen, Michael, I.170; B.6

Ledgett, Richard, II.56, 82 (note); B.6

legal privilege, I.10

lenity, II.165, 167

LetterOne (LI), I.163; B.12

Lewandowski, Corey, I.78, 79–80, 82, 89–90, 99, 196; B.6

     Trump asks him to tell Sessions to curtail Special Counsel Investigation,

II.90–93, 98

     Trump dictates to, a speech for Sessions to deliver, II.91–92

Libya, I.154

Link Campus University, I.83; B.12

Logan Act, II.29, 30, 31, 32–33, 37

London Centre of International Law Practice (LCILP), I.81–82; B.12

Loughrin v. United States (2014), II.161, 163

Loving v. United States (1996), II.171


     Trump’s demand for, II.12, 34–36

Luff, Sandra, I.128; B.6

Luhansk People’s Republic, I.139 (note)

Lutes, Joy, I.82

Lyovochkin, Serhiy, I.135, 142; B.6



Macchia, Jessica, I.79

Madison, James, II.171

Magnitsky, Sergei, I.112 (note); B.6

Magnitsky Act, I.110, 112, 114, 118, 120, 122; II.99

Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff (GRU). See GRU

Malaysia, I.168

Malloch, Theodore (Ted), I.55–56; B.7

malware, Russian

     implantation on DCCC and DNC networks, I.38–40

Manafort, Paul Jr., I.129–144; B.7; C.13, 14, 21; D.2


          conviction and sentencing, I.129 (note)

          criminal trial (July 2018), II.125–126

          false statements as cooperating witness, I.130 (note)

          indicted on multiple felony counts, II.122

          not charged with FARA violation, I.183

          pardon for, possibility, II.124–125, 127–128, 132–133

     investigation of

          authorized by Special Counsel, I.11–12

     and June 9, 2016, meeting, I.110, 114–118, 188; II.99, 100

     note taking of, I.118 (note)

     political consulting work, I.132

     re Putin, I.89–90

     ties with Russia, I.131–134; II.20

     ties with Ukraine, I.129, 131–134, 182; II.16, 20

     in Trump Campaign

          as chairman, I.129–141

          contacts during campaign, I.109, 135–141

          joins campaign, I.134–135

          resignation, and post-campaign activities, I.141–144

     Trump’s conduct toward, II.122–128

          said to be treated “unfairly,” II.123–124, 131

          supported by Trump’s statements, II.123, 126, 149

     and Wikileaks, I.52; II.18

Marinello v. United States (2018), II.9, 164 (note), 165, 166

Marriott, I.68

Mashburn, John, I.125, 126–127; B.7

McCabe, Andrew, II.37, 69, 71–72; B.7

McConnell, Mitch, II.49

McCord, Mary, II.31; B.7

McDonnell v. United States (2016), II.166

McFarland, Kathleen (K.T.), I.142, 167, 169–172, 194; II.25, 26, 29, 48, 121

(note); B.7

     asked to deny President directed Flynn’s discussions with Kislyak, II.42–

44, 48

McFaul, Michael, I.28

McGahn, Donald, B.7

     asked to deny that the President tried to fire the Special Counsel,


          by a letter for the file, II.115–120

     asked to have Special Counsel removed, II.84–89

     called a “lying bastard,” II.115

     re Comey, II.45–47, 53–55, 59, 63, 65–68, 71, 72–73, 79

     decides to resign, II.86–87

     re Flynn, II.31–37

     interviews with, by Special Counsel investigators, II.119

     re Sessions, II.49, 50–51, 95, 108

     re Special Counsel, II.78, 81–82, 98

     re Special Counsel investigation, II.89, 90

     took notes, II.117

media reports

     of June 9, 2016, meeting at Trump Tower, II.103–105

     of Russia investigation, I.163, 164–165

     of Russian support for Trump, II.15–23

     of Trump being investigated for obstruction of justice, II.84–87, 89

     of Trump Campaign links with Russia, II.16–17

     of Trump’s delay in terminating Flynn, II.41–42, 82

     of Trump trying to fire Special Counsel, II.83, 113–114

Medvedev, Dmitry, I.77; II.137; B.7

Meeting at Trump Tower on June 9, 2016. See June 9, 2016, meeting at

Trump Tower

Meet the Press, II.115

Melnik, Yuriy, I.88 (note); B.7

mens rea

     proved by circumstantial evidence, II.13

MHJ (company), I.75

Michigan, I.140

Mifsud, Joseph, I.81, 83–84, 87–89, 90–91, 192–193; B.7

     interview of, I.192

Miller, Matt, I.125–126; B.7

Miller, Stephen, I.80, 89, 93, 105, 109; II.54, 64–66, 75; B.7

Millian, Sergei, I.94–95; B.7

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) (Russia), I.88, 90

Minnesota, I.140

Miss Universe Pageant (2013), I.67–68, 111

Mnuchin, Steven, B.7

money laundering, I.117

Morrison v. Olson (1988), II.172, 177


     Trump real estate projects in, I.67, 70

     See also Trump Tower Moscow project

Mueller, Robert S. III

     appointed Special Counsel, II.77–90

     cleared to serve, II.90

     conflicts of interest, alleged by Trump, II.80–84, 113

     interview to be FBI Director, II.80

     See also Special Counsel

Müller-Maguhn, Andrew, I.47; B.7

Myers v. United States (1926), II.172, 174


Nader, George, I.147–159; B.7

     arranges Prince and Dmitriev meeting in the Seychelles, I.151–153

Nalobin, Sergei, I.88 (note)

National Interest, I.103

National Security Agency (NSA), II.12, 56–57

National Stolen Property Act (NSPA), I.176 (note)

NATO, II.16. See North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Necessary and Proper Clause of the Constitution, II.174

NES. See New Economic School

Netyksho, Viktor, B.7; D.2

Netyksho indictment, I.175–176

New Economic School (NES) (Moscow), I.99; B.12

New York Daily News, II.124

New York state, I.31

New York Times, II.93–94, 101–105, 106, 110, 113–115, 118, 119, 138, 145

New Zealand, I.168

nexus to a pending or contemplated official proceeding, II.9

Nixon v. Administrator of General Services (1977), II.171, 172, 173, 176,

177, 179, 180

Nixon v. Fitzgerald (1982), II.172, 178, 180

Nizharadze, Simon, I.70

NSA. See National Security Agency


Obama, Barack, I.168; II.32 (note), 51, 110

Obama administration

     foreign policy, in transition period, I.172

     sanctions on Russia, II.22

obstruction of justice, I.191–199

     charges of, I.180

     obstructive acts, II.9

     three elements pertinent to, I.192

obstruction of justice investigation

     cases, II.44–48, 60, 74, 87, 97, 99, 105, 111, 118, 131, 153

     factual results of the, II.15–158

     overarching issues, II.156–158

obstruction of justice statutes

     absence of clear statement to apply to presidential conduct does not

limit obstruction statutes, II.169–171

     application to the President, II.167–168

          constitutional defenses, II.168–181

          legal defenses, II.159–180

          statutory defenses, II.160–168

     effect on President’s capacity to perform Article II responsibilities,


     governing law, I.191–192

     history of, II.176

     legal and evidentiary principles, II.9–14

     Section 1512(c)(2)

          applicability to the conduct of the Russia Investigation, II.165–167

          judicial decisions support a broad reading of, II.162–164

          legislative history of, does not support narrowing of text, II.164–165

          text of, prohibits a broad range of obstructive acts, II.160–162

ODNI. See Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Office of Legal Counsel (OLC)

     Constitutionality of Legislation Extending the Term of the FBI Director,

II.175 (note)

     Constraints Imposed by 18 U.S.C. Section 1913 on Lobbying Efforts,


     Presidential Appointments of Federal Judges, II.169, 170, 176 (note),


     Sitting President’s Amenability to Indictment and Criminal Prosecution,

II.1–2, 172, 178 (note)

Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNJ), II.55


     appointment of, II.168

     inferior, removal of, II.172, 175

     principal, removal of, II.174

Oganov, Georgiy, I.142; B.8

Oknyansky, Henry (a/k/a Henry Greenberg), I.61–62; B.8

OLC. See Office of Legal Counsel

oligarchs, Russian

     regular quarterly meetings with Putin, I.146, 163

Opinions Clause of the Constitution, II.174

Opposition Bloc (Ukraine), I.135, 138, 141; B.12

opposition research

     valuation of, I.187


otherwise, II.161




Page, Carter, I.95–103; B.8

     contact with Dvorkovich, I.166–167

     investigation of

          authorized by Special Counsel, I.11

     not charged with FARA violation, I.183

     post-election, applies to Presidential Transition Team, I.102–103

     pro-Russian positions, I.95

     ties with Russia, I.96–97; II.16

     trip to Moscow, I.98–101

     in Trump campaign

          early campaign work, I.97–98

          later campaign work, I.102–103

          removal from the campaign, I.102–103; II.20

Palestinian territory, I.167–168

Papadopoulos, George, B.8; D.6


          false statements and obstruction of justice, I.192–194

          not charged with FARA violation, I.183

     investigation of

          authorized by Special Counsel, I.11–12

     learns that Russia has Clinton emails, I.86–89

     links with Israel, I.183

     Russia-related contacts, I.82–85, 94–95

     talk to representative of unnamed foreign government, I.89

     in Trump Campaign, I.80–95

          acts prior to joining Campaign, I.192

          email to Campaign re Russian contacts, I.84

          removed from Campaign, I.93


     offered in public view, II.7

     offer of, prior to pardoning, II.173

     presidential power of, II.123 (note)

Parscale, Bradley, I.34; B.8

“party line” about Trump’s involvement with Russia, II.139–144

Party of Regions (Ukraine), I.132, 141; B.12

Patten, William Jr. (Sam), I.133; B.8; D.2

Pattern Jury Instructions, II.14

Pence, Mike, I.137; II.20–21, 29–30, 31, 37

Pennsylvania, I.31, 140

Pericles Emerging Market Partners LLP, I.131–132, 135–136, 142; B.12


     governing law, I.192

Personal Privacy (PP), redactions, I.199

Peskov, Dmitry, I.74, 77, 100, 149–150, 196; II.136, 141; B.8; C.20

Phares, Walid, I.90–92, 99; B.8

Pinedo, Richard, I.175; B.8; D.6

Pittston Coal Group v. Sebben (1998), II.164

PJSC Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System, I.72

Plepler, Richard, I.104

Podesta, John Jr., I.37; II.20, 22; B.8

     emails of, stolen, and released by WikiLeaks, I.47–48, 56, 58–59, 176;


Podobnyy, Victor, I.96–97; B.8

Poliakova, Elena, I.75; II.136; B.8

political rallies

     organized and promoted by IRA, I.14, 29–31, 35

Polonskaya, Olga, I.81 (note), 84, 87, 192–193; B.8

Pompeo, Michael, II.55, 57, 60; B.8

Porter, Robert, II.107–108, 109, 110, 115–116, 119, 123; B.8

Posikhin, Michail, I.70

PP. See Personal Privacy


     criminal liability after a President leaves office, II.178 (note)

     immunity from indictment, II.179–180

     meaning of word “hopes” used by, II.45

     personal interest of, and corruption, II.179

     See also Trump, Donald J. (as President)

President, office of

     Article II authority, II.159

     capacity to perform Article II responsibilities

          effect of an obstruction of justice investigation on, II.156, 178–180

     obstruction statutes applied to, II.156, 169–171, 173–176

     separation-of-powers principles allow Congress to prohibit obstructive

acts, II.171–178

Presidential Administration of Russia, I.72

Presidential Transition Team (PTT), I.144–146

     contacts with Aven, I.163–166

     contacts with Foresman, I.80

     contacts with Russia through Flynn, I.167–168

     Dmitriev’s outreach to, I.147–159

     lacked a secure line, I.160–161

     Page applies to, I.102–103

     Russian government outreach to, I.145, 169


     not responding to, the ultimate sin, in Trump’s opinion, II.106

     See also media reports

Prevezon Holdings Ltd., I.112, 119; B.12

Prevezon litigation, I.116

Priebus, Reince, I.169, 171; II.22, 23, 25, 29–30, 32, 32 (note), 33, 37–38,

40, 42–43, 44, 45, 47, 50, 59, 65, 68, 69, 79–80, 82–83, 87, 88, 94–96, 99, 103, 115, 121 (note); B.8

     ordered to demand Session’s resignation, II.94–96

Prigozhin, Yevgeniy Viktorovich, I.14; B.8

     funding of IRA, I.16–19

Prikhodko, Sergei, I.78, 79; B.9; C.22

Prince, Erik, I.64, 147, 148–149; B.9

     deleted phone messages, I.156

     meets Dmitriev in the Seychelles, I.151–156

     reports to Bannon re meeting with Dmitriev, I.155–156

Principles of Federal Prosecution, I.179

privilege, II.139 (note). See also attorney-client privilege

Progress for America PAC, I.60

Project A, I.164–165

prosecution and declination decisions, I.174–199; II.1–2

     presumption of regularity, II.179

     protection against unfounded investigations, II.179 (note)

     regarding President, II.1, 179

     regarding Russian persons, I.174–180

     regarding U.S. persons, I.180–199

PTT. See Presidential Transition Team

Public Citizen v. United States Department of Justice (1989), II.169, 171,

172, 173

public-facing acts

     not excluded from obstruction statutes, II.157

Pulse nightclub shooting, I.116 (note); C.15

Putin, Vladimir V., C.15

     chief of staff of, I.165–166

     congratulations to President-Elect Trump, I.145

     desire to connect with Trump Administration, I.165

     desire to meet Candidate Trump, I.86–87, 89–90, 108 (note)

     direct lines to, I.160

     influence of, sought, I.84

     and Magnitsky Act, I.112

     meetings with, proposed, I.71, 72, 73, 76, 77–78; II.137, 141–142

     phone calls with Trump, I.145, 158–159

     quarterly meeting of oligarchs (December 2016), I.163

     response to U.S. sanctions, II.25–26

     ties to Deripaska, I.131

     ties to Prigozhin, I.17

     Trump’s praise of, II.16

     VEB reporting to, as result of talks with Trump team, I.162, I.60



     “17 Angry Democrats,” II.125

     “Because we determined not to make a traditional prosecutorial

judgment, we did not draw ultimate conclusions” (Special Counsel), II.182

     “Comey better hope that there are no tapes,” II.82 (note)

     “fake news, folks,” II.114

     “I always knew he [Putin] was very smart!” II.26

     “I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told

me to fire the FBI Director!” II.89

     “if it’s what you say I love it” (Trump Jr.), II.99

     “if we had confidence . . that the President clearly did not commit

obstruction of justice, we would so state” (Special Counsel), II.182

     “I have nothing to do with Russia,” II.19

     “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go.

He is a good guy,” II.40

     “I just want to be treated fairly,” II.112

     “I need loyalty. I expect loyalty,” II.34–35

     “I never said to fire Mueller. I never said ‘fire’ ,” II.116

     “I was going to fire Comey knowing there was no good time to do it,”


     “Lawyers don’t take notes. I never had a lawyer who took notes,” II.117

     “like gum on the bottom of your shoe” (Christie), II.39

     “no person in this country is so high that he is above the law” (Supreme

Court), II.180–181

     “not again, this guy [Flynn],” II.32

     “Putin has won” (redacted name, possibly Russian), I.149

     “Russia if you’re listening,” I.49; II.18; C.18

     “Russian Witch Hunt Hoax,” II.111

     “She’s a . . . sadistic sociopath” (Assange), I.44

     “somebody sitting in a bed some place,” II.21

     “This is the end of my Presidency. I’m fucked,” II.78

     “this Russia thing is far from over” (Christie), II.38

     “while this report does not conclude that the President committed a

crime, it also does not exonerate him” (Special Counsel), II.182

     “Who wouldn’t have taken a meeting like that?” II.105

     “Why mention it if it is not a deal?” II.19

     “why should I lose lots of opportunities?” [re Trump Tower Moscow],


     “witch hunt (excuse for big election loss),” II.43–44

     “You left me on an island,” II.63, 75

     “you were supposed to protect me,” II.78


Radical Islamic Terrorism, C.15

Raffel, Josh, II.100, 101; B.9

Rafiekian, Bijan, D.1

Rasin, Alexei, I.61–62; B.9

RDIF. See Russian Direct Investment Fund

reconciliation with Russia, I.157–159

     five-point plan for, I.158

redacted material. See Grand Jury; Harm to Ongoing Matter; Investigative

Technique; Personal Privacy

Refugee Act of 1980, II.169


     for corrupt purpose, II.175

     for good cause, II.174, 175

     power of President, II.174

Republican National Committee, I.124

Republican National Convention (RNC) of 2016 (Cleveland), I.77, 78, 102,

123–127; II.48

     change to Republican Party platform, I.124–127; II.17

     contacts with Kislyak after, I.127–129

Republican Party

     platform, 2012, I.124

     platform, 2016, I.123, 124–127; II.17

     primaries, 2016, C.13

RIAC. See Russian International Affairs Council

Rich, Seth, I.48

Rogers, Michael, II.56–57, 60, 82 (note); B.9

Roscongress Foundation, I.79–80; B.12

Rosenstein, Rod J., B.9

     appoints Mueller, I.11; II.78

     and Comey’s firing, II.66–70

          recommended Comey firing, supposedly, II.69–70, 72–73

     re Sessions, II.96

     re Special Counsel, II.81, 85, 117

Rosneft, I.100–101; B.12

Rozov, Andrei Vladimirovich, I.69; B.9

RT News (Russian), II.16

Rtskhiladze, Giorgi, I.69–70; B.9

Ruddy, Christopher, II.82–83; B.9

Russello v. United States (1983), II.161

Russia, C.22

     Manafort ties with, I.131–134, 182

     sanctions against. See sanctions, U.S., against Russia

     travel to

          avoided during Trump Campaign, I.90

          invitations to Trump and Cohen, I.76–80; II.137

          planned and proposed, I.76–80, 196

     Trump denies contact or connections with, II.15, 18, 19, 23, 42

     Trump’s desire to have better relations with, I.150, 169; II.56–57, 61, 71,


     Trump’s election, effect of, I.141–142

     and Ukraine, I.130, 140

     See also Russian government

Russia Investigation

     (into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, by FBI prior

to appointment of Special Counsel)

     beginning of, I.6

     conducted by Special Counsel, II.78

     Flynn interviewed in, II.30

     mentioned in letter firing Comey, II.67

     obstruction of justice statutes applicable to, II.165–167

     public confirmation of, II.48–61

          confirmed by Comey, II.52–55

     replaced by the Special Counsel Investigation, I.11

     Sessions recuses from, II.48–52

          Trump tries again to have Sessions take over, II.93, 97, 107–113

          Trump tries to have Sessions unrecuse, II.109–111

     Trump asks Comey to “Lift the Cloud” of, II.57–60

     Trump’s desire to end, II.47, 82

     See also Special Counsel Investigation

Russian-American Chamber of Commerce, I.94

Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), I.147–148, 157; B.12

Russian government, C.15

     CNI contacts with, I.104

     contacts with Trump. See next heading

     foreign intelligence service of, I.62, 133–134

     intelligence officers in U.S., I.96–97

     leverage over Flynn, potentially, II.30

     Manafort ties with, I.131–134

     no evidence of foreign agents acting for, I.183

     outreach to Presidential Transition Team, I.169

     Page ties with, I.96–97

     Prosecutor General, role of, I.113 (note)

     and Trump Tower Moscow project, I.70, 72

Russian government contacts with Trump, I.180–199

     alternative channels for, I.146–147, 164

     Cohen adheres to “party line” distancing Candidate Trump from Russia,


     outreach to Trump after election, I.145

     Trump denies contact or connections with Russia, II.21–23, 55–57

     re Trump Tower Moscow project, I.70–76

Russian interference in U.S. election

     agents possessing “dirt” on Clinton, I.81, 86–89

     Congressional investigations of, II.28

     evidence lacking that Trump was involved in, II.157

     FBI investigation of, I.165; II.52

     hacking and dumping operations, I.36–65, 175–180; II.17–18

     indications that it could assist Trump Campaign, I.93

     Intelligence Community’s assessment of, II.22, 27–28

     links with Trump Campaign, I.108; II.16–17

     prosecution and declination decisions, I.175–180

     social media campaign “Active Measures,” I.14–34, 174–175

     Trump’s doubts about, I.172; II.21–22

     U.S. sanctions in response to, I.168–169

Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), I.88; B.13

Russian Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff. See GRU

Russian persons (agents)

     prosecution and declination decisions, I.174–180

     reaching out to Transition Team, I.146

Russian support for Trump Campaign

     allegations of, II.18–21

     campaign period, I.66–144

     denied by Trump, II.21–23

     links between Trump Campaign and Russia, I.180; II.16–17

     media reports of, II.15–23

     post-election and transition period, I.144–173

     Trump Jr. told of, I.113

Ryabinskiy, Andrey, I.75

Ryabkov, Sergey, II.21 (note)

Rybicki, James, II.41 (note), 45; B.9

Rykov, Konstantin, I.66 (note)



Sale v. Haitian Centers Council (1993), II.169, 171

Salinas v. United States (1997), II.171

Samochornov, Anatoli, I.116–117, 119, 122–123; B.9

sanctions, U.S., against Russia, I.102, 110, 125, 161, 163, 168–173; II.29,


     Flynn discusses with Kislyak, I.167, 170–173, 194; II.24–26, 29

     Putin’s concerns about, I.146–147

Sanders, Sarah Huckabee, II.72, 76, 83, 105, 115, 119, 125, 147 (note);


Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, II.164

Sater, Felix, I.69, 70–72, 74–80, 196; II.135–137; B.9; C.20

     invites Cohen to travel to Russia, I.76–78; II.135

Saturday Night Massacre (Nixon era), II.86

Saunders, Paul J., I.105–106, 107, 108; B.9

SBOE. See State boards of elections

Schweizer, Peter, I.116 (note); C.15

scienter requirement, I.187

SCO. See Special Counsel’s Office

Sealed Case, In re, II.180

Sechin, Igor, I.100; B.9

Sections of U.S. Code. See under United States Code

Senate, U.S.

     Foreign Relations Committee, I.128

     Judiciary Committee (SJC), I.67, 115, 119; II.28, 62, 75

     Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI), I.195; II.28, 52, 82, 99, 106

Senegal, I.168

separation-of-powers principles, II.168–169

     allow Congress to prohibit obstructive acts of President, II.171–178

     balancing test, II.172–173

     impairing another branch, II.171

     protecting another branch, II.177

Sessions, Jefferson III (Jeff), B.9

     attacks by Trump, II.108, 110–111

          defends self, II.111

          New York Times interview of Trump, II.93–94

          tweet attacks on, II.96


          decision not to charge, I.198

          false statements and obstruction of justice by, I.197–198

     re Comey, II.39–40, 45, 66–70, 72

     investigation of

          authorized by Special Counsel, I.12


          asked by Trump to continue as Attorney General, II.79

          Attorney General confirmation hearings, I.103, 107, 197–198

          replaced by Trump, November 2018, II.111

     recusal from the Russia Investigation, I.11; II.48–52, 60–61

          asked to ask Special Counsel to end the investigation into Trump

Campaign, II.97

          Lewandowski messages to, II.93

          Trump’s anger at, II.63, 91, 93

          Trump tries to have him unrecuse, II.107–111

          yet ordered to direct Special Counsel to stop investigating Trump

Campaign, II.99


          Priebus asked to demand Session’s resignation, II.94–96

          resignation letter, II.79–80

          second resignation letter, II.96

          Trump tells to resign, II.79

     Russian connections

          interactions with CNI, I.107–108

          meets Kislyak, I.103, 106–108, 123–124, 127–129, 197–198; II.94

     re Special Counsel, II.78

     in Trump Campaign, I.84, 85–86; II.51


     Israeli, on Palestinian territory, I.167–168


     meeting of Prince and Dmitriev in, I.147, 151–156

Shaw v. United States (2016), II.161, 163, 164

Shoygu, Sergey, B.9

Silberman, Laurence H.

     Conflict of Interest Problems Arising out of the President’s Nomination of

Nelson A. Rockefeller to be Vice President. . ., II.170, 176 (note)

Silk Road Group, B.13

Simes, Dimitri, I.103–110, 145, 164–165; B.9

     connects with Trump Campaign, I.103–105

Sisi, Abdel Fattah al-, I.168

SJC. See Senate, U.S., Judiciary Committee

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, D.4

Skilling v. United States (2010), II.166

Smith, Peter, I.62–65; B.10

The Smoking Gun (news outlet), I.43

social media, IRA and, I.22–29. See also Active Measures campaign

spearfishing, I.36–37

Special Counsel (Robert Mueller)

     appointment of Robert Mueller, II.77–90; A.1

     Appointment Order and regulations, II.9

     firing attempts

          denial that the President tried to fire, II.113–120

          McGahn ordered to remove, II.84–89

          reports of, II.113–114

          Trump tries to fire, II.77–90

     no good cause to terminate, II.83, 90

     removal by President, allowed, II.175

     Trump’s reaction to appointment, II.77–90

     See also Mueller, Robert

Special Counsel Investigation, I.11–13

     (into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, during

Trump presidency)

     Appointment Order, “to investigate Russian interference with the 2016

presidential election and related matters,” I.174

     attempt to curtail, II.90–98

          Trump asks Lewandowski to tell Sessions to curtail, II.90–93

     conclusions of, II.182

     coordination of Trump Campaign with Russia not established, I.66

     decisions not to charge, I.8–9, 198–199; II.182

     evidence of facts collected, I.2, 9–10

     team and support staff, I.13

     See also Russia Investigation

Special Counsel Office

     email to, I.73 (note)


Special Counsel Report

     Executive Summary of Volume I, I.4–10

     Executive Summary of Volume II, II.3–8

     structure of, in two Volumes, I.2–3

Spicer, Sean, II.23, 29–30, 69, 70; B.10

SSCI. See Senate, U.S., Select Committee on Intelligence

State. See Department of State

state boards of elections (SBOEs)

     hacking of, I.50

Steele, Christopher, II.23, 27–28, 34

     report, II.53, 103, 139, 144

Stone, Roger J. Jr., B.10; C.18–19; D.3

     and Clinton emails, I.61–62

     introduces Manafort to Trump, I.134

     investigation of

          authorized by Special Counsel, I.12

     response to IRA tweets, I.28

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, I.77–80; II.137; B.13; C.22

Supreme Court

     separation-of-powers balancing test, II.172–173

Sykes v. United States (2011), II.162 (note)

Syria, I.160


TAG. See Transatlantic Parliamentary Group on Counterterrorism

Tatneft, I.101; B.13

tax evasion, I.117


     admissible, I.10

The Smoking Gun (news outlet), I.43


     in campaign finance prosecutions, I.186–187

Tillerson, Rex, I.158; B.10

Timofeev, Ivan, I.81 (note), 88, 89, 90, 94, 192; B.10

Tome v. United States (1995), II.14

Transatlantic Parliamentary Group on Counterterrorism (TAG), I.91; B.13

Transition Team. See Presidential Transition Team

Trump, Donald J.

     legitimacy of election win, concern, II.23, 25, 47, 97, 157

     memoranda prepared by those who had talks with Trump, II.56

     motives that could explain conduct responding to Russia investigation,


     no links with Russia, claim, II.61, 76, 137, 142, 155; C.20

          Trump asks Intelligence Community to state, II.55–57

     not under investigation, concern, II.53–54, 58–59, 62–64, 75, 76, 84,


          Comey’s informing of, II.64

     personal counsel of, II.99, 139–140, 142–143, 153–154, 159

     tweets, II.84, 89

     See also following entries

Trump, Donald J. (as businessman)

     business connections in Russia, exploitability of, I.164

     dealmaking of, I.71

     personal Twitter account, I.34

     real estate projects in Russia, I.67, 70

     Russia travel invitation, I.78–80

     signs Letter of Intent for Trump Tower Moscow project, I.70–72

     visit to Moscow proposed, I.75–76

Trump, Donald J. (as Candidate)

     appointments made by, I.84

     early promotion of, I.71–72

     election win, I.141; II.21

     in foreign policy advisors team meeting, I.85

     intent to run for President, II.16

     knowledge of June 9, 2016, meeting, I.115–116

     Putin’s desire to meet, I.86–87, 89–90, 108 (note)

     speech on foreign policy, I.103, 105–107

     travel to Russia, proposed, I.78–80, 90

     and Trump Tower Moscow project, II.134–138

     on Ukraine, I.125

     See also Trump Campaign

Trump, Donald J. (as President)

     and Cohen, II.134–156

          conduct after Cohen began cooperating with government, II.148–152

          sends messages of support to Cohen, II.144–148

     and Comey

          decides to terminate Comey, II.64–74

          dinner with FBI director Comey, II.12, 24, 32–36

     Daily Diary, II.35

     and Flynn, II.120–133

          asks K.T. McFarland to deny President directed Flynn’s discussions

with Kislyak, II.42–44

          conduct concerning the investigation of Flynn, II.24–28, 32

          delay in terminating Flynn, questioned by media, II.41–42

          discusses Flynn with FBI director Comey, II.12, 24, 32–36, 38–41,


     interviews with newspapers, II.93–94

     interview with, sought by Special Counsel, II.119

          declined, II.13

          delay it might produce, II.13

     investigation of

          asks Intelligence Community to publicly state Trump has no

connection to Russia, II.55–57

          Comey declines to say if President is under investigation, II.12, 62–


          investigated for obstruction of justice, press reports, II.84–87

     June 9, 2016 meeting at Trump Tower

          directs Donald Trump Jr.’s response to Press Inquiries about, II.101

          learns of emails about, II.98

          tells Communications staff not to disclose information about, II.100–


          tries to prevent disclosure of emails about, II.98–107

     legitimacy of election

          challenges to, noted by Trump, II.47

     and Manafort, II.122–128, 149

     and McCabe

          asked McCabe whom he voted for, II.72

     and Mueller

          asserts Mueller has conflicts of interest, II.80–84

          directs White House Counsel to have Mueller removed, II.84–87

          orders McGahn to deny that the President tried to fire Mueller, II.113–


          tries to have McGahn dispute the Press Reports, II.114–118

          tries to remove Mueller, II.77–90

     and Russia investigation

          asks Comey to “Lift the Cloud” created by the Russia Investigation,


          briefed on Russian Interference in election, II.27–28

          reaction to public confirmation of the FBI’s Russia Investigation,


     and Sessions

          again tries to have Sessions reverse his recusal, II.107–108

          again tries to have Sessions take over the Russia Investigation,


          criticizes Sessions in a New York Times interview, II.93–94

          orders Priebus to demand Session’s resignation, II.94–96

          terminates Sessions, II.111

     and Special Counsel Investigation

          asks Lewandowski to tell Sessions to curtail Special Counsel

Investigation, II.90–92

          efforts to curtail the Special Counsel Investigation, II.90–98

          follows up with Lewandowski, II.92–93

     Written Questions to, II.149

     Written Responses of, I.110, 116 (note); II.13, 149–150; C.1–18

Trump, Donald J. (as President-Elect)

     briefed on Intelligence Community’s assessment of Russian interference

in election, II.27–28

     doubts about Russian interference charge, I.171; II.21–22

     legitimacy of election concern, II.23, 25, 157

     phone call with Putin, I.145, 158–159

Trump, Donald J. Jr., I.113–120; B.10; C.13, 14

     interaction with WikiLeaks, I.59–60

     IRA retweets, I.33, 34

     June 9, 2016, meeting at Trump Tower, I.110–114, 121, 185, 187; II.99,

100, 102–103, 148

          response to press inquiries about, II.101–103, 104

     Russian attempts to connect with, I.150

     Trump Tower Moscow project, I.67–69; II.135

Trump, Eric, I.33–34, 115; B.10

Trump, Ivanka, I.68, 69, 72, 78, 115; II.100–101, 135; B.10, I.66 (note)

Trump Acquisition, I.70

Trump Campaign

     and Clinton

          disparaging of, I.183

          informed about Clinton “dirt,” I.81–82, 93–94

     collusion or coordination with Russia question, I.66; II.28, 76

     contacts with WikiLeaks, I.52–54

          dissemination of hacked materials, I.51–65; II.17–18

          reaction to WikiLeak’s release of hacked emails, II.17–18

     foreign policy advisors, I.80–81, 95, 97–98, 104, 108, 124, 127

          need for, I.82

          team meeting (March 31, 2016), I.85–86

     foreign policy matters, I.103

     as infomercial for Trump-branded properties, I.72

     investigation of, II.97–98

          authorized by Special Counsel, I.12

          casting doubt on legitimacy of election, II.97

          might uncover crimes or embarrass Trump, II.76

     IRA interactions and contacts, I.33–35

          IRA posts promoted by Trump campaign, I.33–34

          IRA support of Trump Campaign, I.23, 25

          political rallies, I.29–31, 35

     Manafort’s plan to win, I.140

     meetings without official backing of, I.92

     Papadopoulos position on, I.80–95, 192

     platform changes

          request for, I.125–127

     polling data shared with Kilimnik, I.130–131, 135

     portrayed by media as pro-Russian, I.95, 102

     rallies in support of, I.14, 29–31, 35

     Russian links and contacts, I.66–144

          alleged, II.16–17

          avoiding hidden Russian contacts, I.108

          communications about, I.89–93

          interactions and contacts with IRA, I.33–35

          June 9, 2016, meeting at Trump Tower, I.114–116

          offers of assistance to campaign, by Russians, I.72

          post-election and transition period, I.144–173

          Trump-Putin meeting, proposed, I.98

     Russian support for candidate Trump

          alleged, I.148; II.18–21

          Concord companies’ support, I.14

          response to media reports of, II.15–23


Trump name and brand, II.135

Trump National Golf Club, II.80 (note)

Trump Organization, C.20

     and June 9, 2016, meeting at Trump Tower, I.121–122; II.99

     in Moscow, I.67

     projects outside the United States, I.67–68

     and Trump Tower Moscow project, II.76, 134, 143

Trump Tower, New York

     Trump Campaigners meeting in, I.149, 152

Trump Tower Moscow project, I.67–80; C.20

     Cohen’s false statements to Congress concerning, I.195–196; II.20,

139–144, 155

     Cohen’s involvement in, I.67, 69–80; II.134–144

     false statements to media

          Cohen’s, II.138–139

          Trump’s, II.150

     “party line” regarding, II.20, 134, 142


          beginning idea for, I.110–111

          Candidate Trump’s involvement in, II.19, 77, 134–138

          letter of intent (LOI), I.70–76; II.135; C.20

          pursued till end of 2018, claim, II.152

          Trump’s decision to abandon, question as to when, II.150–151, 155

          later contacts with Russian persons, I.72–76

     Trump Organization involvement, II.134, 143

Tsekhomsky, Nikolay, I.162


     IRA’s use of, I.22

Turkey, I.183


     botnet activities, I.26–29

            IRA’s use of, I.15, 22, 26–29, 31


Ukraine, C.22

     eastern, I.138, 139–140

          Russian peace plan to control, I.130, 140

     East West Institute plan, I.80

     lethal defensive weapons sent to, I.125–127

     Manafort ties with, I.129, 131–134, 182; II.20

     National Anti-Corruption Bureau, I.143

     peace plan for, I.130, 142–144

     political parties in, I.132, 135

     political situation in, I.138

     presidential election of 2019, I.144

     Russian aggression against, I.123, 125

     Russian influence in, I.132

     Trump and, I.125

     Trump’s election, effect of, I.141–142

     U.S. persons working for, I.182–183

Unified Energy System, I.72

Unit 26165 (GRU), I.36–41, 49; B.13

Unit 74455 (GRU), I.37, 42; B.13

United Arab Emirates (UAE), I.147

     sovereign wealth funds, I.147–148

United Nations

     General Assembly 2015, II.153

     Security Council

          vote on Israeli settlements, I.167–168, 195

United States

     elections. See elections, U.S.

     relations with Russia, I.123–124, 147, 160, 162

          need for reconciliation, I.150

          potential harm of sanctions to, I.169

18 United States Code

     Section 201(b)(2), II.180

     Section 924(c)(2)(B)(ii), II.162

     Section 1001, II.31, 32, 36, 46

     Section 1030, I.175–179

     Section 1084, II.161 (note)

     Section 1503, II.9, 12, 160, 165, 171

          omnibus clause, II.163

     Section 1503(a), II.167

     Section 1505, II.9, 160, 167, 171

     Section 1512, II.10

     Section 1512(a)(2)(B)(ii), II.161

     Section 1512(b), II.160, 171

     Section 1512(b)(2)(B), II.161

     Section 1512(b)(3), II.168

     Section 1512(c)(1), II.160

     Section 1512(c)(2), II.9, 159, 160–167, 171

United States v. Aguilar (1995), II.9, 10, 163, 164 (note), 166, 167, 168

United States v. Ahrensfield (10th Cir. 2012), II.162

United States v. Alex van der Zwaan, D.6

United States v. Armstrong (1996), II.168, 179, 180

United States v. Arnold (7th Cir. 1985), II.13

United States v. Bijan Rafiekian and Kamil Ekim Alptekin, D.1

United States v. Binday (2d Cir. 2015), II.157

United States v. Brenson (11th Cir. 1997), II.163, 166, 167 (note)

United States v. Brewster (1972), II.173

United States v. Bridges (D.C. Cir. 1983), I.192

United States v. Brown (10th Cir. 1991), I.176 (note)

United States v. Burns (6th Cir. 2002), II.11

United States v. Byrne (1st Cir. 2006), II.11, 168

United States v. Campa (11th Cir. 2008), I.182

United States v. Cardoza (D.C. Cir. 2013), I.183 (note)

United States v. Chemical Foundation, Inc. (1926), II.179

United States v. Cintolo (1st Cir. 1987), II.9, 13

United States v. Cohen (S.D.N.Y. Nov. 29, 2018), I.195

United States v. Concord Management & Consulting (D.D.C. 2018), I.174,


United States v. Croteau (11th Cir. 2016), II.13

United States v. Cueto (7th Cir. 1998), II.9

United States v. Dale (D.C. Cir. 1993), I.192

United States v. Danielczyk (E.D. Va. 2013), I.185

United States v. Davis (11th Cir. 2017), II.12

United States v. Dumeisi (7th Cir. 2005), I.181, 182

United States v. Duran (11th Cir. 2010), I.181, 182

United States v. Edlind (2d Cir. 2012), II.11, 13

United States v. Edwards (7th Cir. 2017), II.166

United States v. Fowler (4th Cir. 1991), I.186

United States v. Frankhauser (1st Cir. 1996), II.13

United States v. Gabriel (2d Cir. 1997), II.11

United States v. Gaudin (1995), I.192

United States v. George Papadopoulos, I.193–194; D.6

United States v. Girard (2nd Cir. 1979), I.186

United States v. Gonzales (1997), II.164

United States v. Gordon (10th Cir. 2013), II.10, 166

United States v. Gray (2d Cir. 2011), II.163

United States v. Greer (6th Cir. 2017), II.157

United States v. Haldeman (D.C. Cir. 1976), II.165

United States v. Howard (5th Cir. 1978), II.163, 166

United States v. Internet Research Agency, D.2

United States v. Irving (10th Cir. 2011, II.11

United States v. Jeter (6th Cir. 1985), I.186

United States v. Klein (1872), II.173

United States v. Konstantin Kilimnik, D.2

United States v. Kumar (2nd Cir. 2010), II.160 (note), 163

United States v. LaShay (7th Cir. 2005), II.11

United States v. Latchin (7th Cir. 2009), I.181

United States v. Lee (1882), II.181

United States v. Leisure (8th Cir. 1988), II.12, 163

United States v. Lucas (8th Cir. 2007), II.11

United States v. Manafort (D.D.C. 2018), I.12

United States v. Manafort (E.D.Va. 2018), I.12

United States v. Martinez (2nd Cir. 2017), II.10, 162

United States v. Matzkin (4th Cir. 1994), I.186

United States v. McKibbins (7th Cir. 2011), II.161

United States v. Michael Cohen (S.D.N.Y Dec. 12, 2018), II.135 (note)

United States v. Michael Flynn, D.1

United States v. Michael T. Flynn (D.D.C. Dec. 1, 2017), I.183, 195

United States v. Milton (D.C. Cir. 1993), I.191

United States v. Moore (D.C. Cir. 2010), I.192

United States v. Morrison (D.C. Cir. 1996), II.167 (note), 174, 175, 175


United States v. Nilsen (11th Cir. 1992), I.186

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United States v. Paul Manafort, D.2

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United States v. Renzi (9th Cir. 2014), I.186

United States v. Resendiz-Ponce (2007), II.11

United States v. Richard Gates, D.2

United States v. Richard Pinedo, D.6

United States v. Richard Pinedo (D.D.C. Sept. 26, 2018), I.175

United States v. Richardson (5th Cir. 2012), II.10

United States v. Ring (D.D.C. 2009), II.162

United States v. Robinson (2d Cir. 2012), II.13

United States v. Rodgers (1984), I.191

United States v. Rodolitz (2d Cir. 1986), II.11

United States v. Roe (4th Cir. 1975, II.9

United States v. Roger Stone, D.3

United States v. Sampson (2d Cir. 2018), II.12, 163, 167

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United States v. Smith (9th Cir. 2017), I.191

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United States v. Viktor Netyksho, D.2

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United States v. Young (4th Cir. 2019), II.10, 166

Ushakov, Yuri Viktorovich, I.159–160; B.10

U.S. persons

     false statements and obstruction of justice by, I.192–199

     prosecution and declination decisions, I.180–199

     targeting and recruitment of, by IRA, I.31–33

     unaware that they were contacting Russian nationals, I.175


Vaino, Anton, I.146; B.10

Valdai Discussion Club, I.87; B.13

valuing promised information

     in campaign finance prosecutions, I.186–188

Van der Zwaan, Alexander, I.134; B.10; D.6

Vargas, Catherine, I.159; B.10

Vasilchenko, Gleb, B.10

VEB. See Vnesheconombank

Venezuela, I.168

Veselnitskaya, Natalia, I.110, 112–114, 116–123; B.10; C.14

Vnesheconombank (VEB), I.161

voting technology, I.51

VTB Bank, I.76

Vzglyad, I.66 (note)


Wagner v. FEC (D.C. Cir. 2015), I.185

Washington Post, I.58; II.29, 37, 84, 89, 94, 114, 118, 143

Watergate burglary, II.165

Watkins v. United States (1957), II.176

Weber, Shlomo, I.99, 166; B.10

WikiLeaks, I.44–49; B.13; C.18–19

     contacts with Trump Campaign, I.52–64; II.157

     opposition expressed toward the Clinton Campaign, I.44–45, 60

     prosecution decision, I.188–191

          constitutional considerations, I.190

          willfulness considerations, I.190

     release of hacked emails, I.44–45, 176; II.15, 17–18

     Russian hacking identified, II.20

     statements dissembling the source of stolen materials, I.48–49

     Trump denies contact with, II.42


     in campaign finance prosecutions, I.187–188

     and WikiLeaks prosecution, I.190

wire fraud

     charges of, I.174

Wisconsin, I.140

“witch hunt,” II.43–44, 84–85, 111

witness tampering, II.10–11, I.60

World Chess Championship (2016), I.149–150; C.23

WorldNetDaily (WND), I.54, 59

Written Questions to Donald J. Trump from Special Counsel’s Office, II.149;


Written Responses of Donald J. Trump to Special Counsel’s Office, I.110,

116 (note); II.13, 149–150; C.1–18


X-Agent, I.38–39

X-Tunnel, I.38–39


Yanukovych, Viktor, I.130, 132, 139–140, 142, 144; II.16; B.10

Yates, Sally, B.11

     meeting with McGahn about Flynn, II.31, 32–36

Yates v. United States (2015), II.167

Yatsenko, Sergey, I.96; B.11

Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. v. Sawyer (1952), II.172


     IRA’s use of, I.22



Zakharova, Maria, I.99–100; B.11

Zayed al Nahyan, Mohammed bin (Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi), I.147–148,

153, 157; B.11

Ziff brothers, I.117–118

Zivotofsky v. Kerry (2015), II.172, 173

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